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About Me 

Max Conaway is a stage and TV/film actor that graduated at SUNY, Albany in May of 2020 where he concentrated in acting. While enrolled he learned stage carpentry, stage electrics, theatre directing and stage management. He highly admires SUNYs instilled knowledge on and off the stage. This awareness contributes heavily to his professional relationships and collaboration in the industry.

Max's film work began with Raymond Productions (at that time just a young Conor Soucy) sophomore year of college and collaborated with that group of artists consistently. Prior principal roles with Raymond Prod include Tell Me Why (2018), Big Love Lil’ Town (2019), Scarlet Memory (2019) and most recently a collaboration with Tequila Mockingbird Productions A Parable For Winter (2020).

Max's stage work progressed extremely during his undergraduate career. Rigorous training in contemporary and classical pieces formed a full balance of experience.

UAlbany had five stage orientations from proscenium to arena which taught Max how to move and communicate well on an array of theatre spaces. After several classes and a summer with Saratoga Shakespeare, Max became heavily inspired by an actors approach to the Bards work. He anticipates on using these skills in a variety of ways in his career.

Max's substantial weight-loss that began in 2017 allows his current body type to vary from burly-boy to weak-wannabe, to a battle-hardened GoT character. He is proud he's acquired a strong relationship with his body, which gives him the confidence to face those adaptable decisions.


He admires both film and the stage; direction of where he works depends on demand. 


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